Thursday, November 15, 2012


Behind the Scenes
How I Really Feel...
School this week went extremely well... especially considering the circumstances... I taught computers. I successfully launched computer projects in class 3 and 4 and the teachers think I am the greatest thing since Neil Armstrong! I have definitely pulled the wool over their eyes. :0) In class 3 we are doing an autobiography with a slideshow computer program called "Animoto". In class 4, they chose to use the same program, but with a country research study instead. The students in my American class really enjoyed it, so I'm hoping it will go smoothly here as well. There is a lot of work to be done before we actually get on the laptops, so I hope they are patient. We made a lot of progress this past week and we are all learning a lot!

In class 1 & 2, there was a substitute in with me all week. It was really great! He had me helping out a lot and teaching some of my own lessons as well. I learned a lot of creative strategies that I am excited to incorporate into my own teaching.

The Soccer Court and Groupies!
I have been assigned to "the yard" during all of the breaks. I don't mind this at all because I love getting to know the kids. Matter of fact, this has become my favorite part of my whole day! About a week and a half ago I challenged the soccer kids to a match... I have played with them every break since.The cheers have gone from "Carrie! :0)" to "Carrie!!! >:0(" This could be due to the abundance of hand balls, fumbles and bad passes I do on a daily basis. But they still make sure I have my "football shoes" with me everyday. I don't know what it is, but absolute rage in a 6-11 year old Irish accent makes me laugh. Comments frequently heard on the court are: "AwW!", "Why didn't ye pass the ball?", "I wasn't even wit ye!" (when one lad blames another for something), "I'm in!" (when a lad all of a sudden wants to touch the ball so he claims he is in as the goalie), "free kick!" (What team members claim when one of their players fake getting hurt and then miraculously recover as soon as the free kick is granted), and "Mozzarella Pizza!" (sung to the tune of "happy birthday" by the team that is in the lead). These kids are SO competitive!!! The other teachers think it is brilliant that I am in there to put out fires and examine all the skinned knees. I think it is brilliant that I get to run around, have fun and keep warm. :0)

Trophies... In Waterford Crystal!
Hmmm... Something Not Right 
Travels for the weekend were sparse. A head cold was just setting in, so I kept it low key. I traveled to a nearby town, Tralee, to do a little shopping and take in a bit of a rugby game at a pub. On Sunday we ventured out to watch some "coursing". Coursing is a sport that is only held in Ireland. It is done by two grey hounds and a hare. The grey hounds chase the hare down a course in a field. The dog that is in the lead when the hare veers off the course is the winner. The hare is HUGE! Quite possible I have never seen one. The dogs are muzzled so that they can not hurt the hare. I wore the WRONG shoes for the event, but it was still great craic! (great fun!)

SKILL OF THE WEEK: Crocheting. Our host mom is a fabulous knitter and has spent this past week sharing her sweet skills! I am working on some hats for my little girls and will move on to knitting once I have successfully completed my crocheting projects. Love learning new things! Stay tuned for next weeks skill...

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  1. hey ms.Shipley!! We all miss you sooo much! Can't wait till you come back. Everyone says they miss you. I hope your having lots of fun! Mrs. Schulte mailed you a letter from me i think. But anyways i have been trying to talk to you but school blocks email so ill just have to email you at home. - Hannah Horneck.- 7th grade