Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trick or Treat? ... I'm going with treat!

Dingle - West Coast
"After the holiday we will have you start getting into a routine"... "After the holiday we will have you start teaching regular lessons"... "After the holiday we will have you start teaching computers to the older classes"...

My first week in school was filled with a lot of figuring out what I will be doing, observation, getting to know staff members, helping with assessments, grading and activities leading up to the Halloween celebration on Friday. I will be doing a majority of my teaching in 1st and 2nd class - a combined class of 6-8 year old students (equivalent to 1st and 2nd grade). Another portion of my time will be spent teaching computers to class 3 and 4. For anyone that knows me, you understand that I am computer illiterate. Technology is one of my student teaching goals, so it is perfect to have this opportunity and also perfect that my roomie here in Ireland is a techie guru. :0)

Halloween Fingers!
Yes, I was only here for one week before holiday hit! Previous to my arrival I believed it to be a holiday to avoid All Hallow's Eve, All Saints Day and All Souls Day... was under the impression that they didn't celebrate Halloween. I was wrong. This holiday was for midterm break. A holiday that happens EVERY midterm, but one that fell perfectly in line with the Halloween holiday that began in Ireland! Some of the pre-Halloween activities included: making paper mache pumpkins to hold candy, scary stories and poems; learning songs, and the history of, not only Halloween, but Jack O' Lantern himself! The week ended with lots of sweets, costumes and fun. I found a witch costume at the Euro store to wear, told the "Mrs. Moulden" story and made 'fingers' for the students to eat. Fun times!

Holiday for a week? Trick or Treat.... TREAT!!!
A second was not wasted as Nora and I tackled much of Ireland:

  • Ballybunion coast and cliffs - Climbed!
  • Groupie of local band "Flog the Dog" - Committed!
  • Dingle loop - Most Western Coast of Ireland... and Europe for that matter. - Amazed!
  • Halloween and mad shopping in Galway (favorite place!) - Accomplished!
  • Abandoned Castles and more... (Connemara area) Explored!
  • Haunted Bed and Breakfast in Clifden - Survived!
  • Touring Dublin city and hitting the hot spots within 24 hours - Americanized!
  • Ireland's beautiful countryside!
  • Long bus rides - Tolerated!
Ireland is a beautiful country!!! Breathtaking. I look forward to seeing more, but for now...
"After the holiday" has arrived. Looking forward to diving in and doing what I came here to do - teach!
My first castle!


  1. What an adventure - looking forward to hearing all about it! Good luck with the computer stuff! Much love to you - Trina and Fam

  2. Hey Mrs. Shipley! It's Hayley from 1st and 2nf hour. Everyone misses you! You were such a fun teacher! We can't wait for you to come back! Your first castle looks pretty fun! I hope you are having fun, and taking a lot of pictures you can make into an Animoto to show us! :) Enjoy Ireland! ~Hayley

    1. Hayley! I am so happy to hear from you and I miss you guys a lot as well. Tell everyone I am waiting for letters and watching for non-negotiables! ;0) I tried replying before and it didn't seem like it sent... hope I am not doubling up. Anyway, i am taking lots of pictures... so be prepared! Pen-pals are coming your way... soon! That will be fun! Thanks for your message - keep them coming!!! ~ Mrs. Shipley

  3. Hey Ms. Shipley! It's Hannah from 5+6 hour, everyone truly misses you and they always say that they can't wait till you come back! We all hope your having a blast and it just isn't the same without you here, I mean I know Mrs. Schulte is an awesome teacher but we miss you so much!!!!!! -with lots of love from your middle school students back home :D